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Governments of Canada/ Newfoundland and Labrador investing in Labrador Communities

News Release

Mary’s Harbour- August 31st 2017

Yvonne Jones, Member of Parliament for Labrador, is pleased to announce federal Small Communities Fund money to support Rigolet, Hopedale, Cartwright,, Wabush and Happy Valley – Goose Bay Water/Wastewater infrastructure.

The total funding for ten projects in six Labrador communities is over $4.1 million in partnership of the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. This is building on the phase 1 water/wastewater infrastructure funding of over $15 million in 2016.


“The Government of Canada laid out an historic plan in Budget 2016 to invest more than $120 billion in infrastructure over the next ten years. These investments help communities grow and provide vital services to citizens. With a renewed focus on the north and Indigenous communities these investments will help meets the needs of today and the potential of our future here in Labrador.” – MP Jones

“Addressing the Waste Water Regulations will be an important part of municipal capital works in the future that will require the cooperation of the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments. This allocation for the Town of Wabush is a very important step toward reducing the amount of untreated waste water that is now entering our pristine waters”- MHA Graham Letto

“Investments by our provincial government, the Inuit Community Governments, and the Federal government highlight the impact of cooperation in providing for growing need of our communities. I am pleased to see this work commence.” – MHA Randy Edmunds, Torngat

“Infrastructure investment, particularly as it relates to the provision of drinking water and handling of waste and storm water, is essential for the integrity of our communities. These federal, provincial and municipal investments recognize this fact and underline the importance of partnerships to support sustainable growth.” – MHA Perry Trimper, Lake Melville

“I’m very pleased with the level of co-operation between the federal, provincial, and municipal governments in funding these vital infrastructure upgrades and repairs. As the MHA for this District, I can speak firsthand to how critical these projects are, and how timely this announcement is. These improvements will benefit residents for many years to come.” – MHA Lisa Dempster, District of Cartwright – L’Anse au Clair


Table of investments

Community Project Description Total Costs Federal Share Provincial Share Municipal Share
Rigolet Drinking water distribution  $      458,858.00  $   152,937.00  $     260,035.00  $        45,885.00
Rigolet drinking water treatment  $      290,277.00  $     72,569.00  $       72,569.00  $      145,139.00
Cartwright wastewater collection  $      568,530.00  $   189,491.00  $     322,186.00  $        56,853.00
Wabush wastewater treatment  $      997,518.00  $   332,472.00  $     565,293.00  $        99,752.00
HVGB wastewater collection  $      349,131.00  $   116,365.00  $     128,026.00  $      104,739.00
HVGB drinking water distribution  $        49,876.00  $     16,623.00  $       18,289.00  $        14,963.00
HVGB wastewater collection  $      174,565.00  $     58,183.00  $       64,013.00  $        52,370.00
HVGB Storm water collection  $        49,876.00  $     12,469.00  $       12,469.00  $        24,937.00
Hopedale drinking water distribution  $      548,635.00  $   182,860.00  $     310,911.00  $        54,864.00
Total  $   4,141,859.00  $1,352,145.00  $  2,124,749.00  $      664,961.00


Quick facts

  • The Government of Canada will invest more than $180 billion over 12 years in public transit projects, green infrastructure, social infrastructure, trade and transportation routes, and Canada’s rural and northern communities.
  • The Government of Canada will provide up to $11,913,506 for the 77 projects being announced today through the Small Communities Fund.
  • The Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will contribute up to $17,451,414 for 77 projects.
  • The municipalities will contribute the remaining funding for these projects, which have a total eligible cost of $39,224,560.

For more information on the Small Communities Fund, please visit: http://www.infrastructure.gc.ca/plan/sc-cp-eng.html.

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